The SQ Information Security (“SQ-IS”) program includes managed information security practices customized to the threat model developed for your company. Rooted in sound practices that grow and change as threats evolve, SQ-IS recommends a four stage cyclical practice to achieve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability goals of the company.

· Identify Threats and Goals

· Develop and Plan Controls

· Program Implementation

· Maintain & Evolve

Each stage of the SQ-IS practice includes multiple steps and activities to identify and best mitigate information security risk. SQ-IS is developed to meet dynamic technology risk. To meet that risk the practice is cyclical, constantly re-evaluating threats, developing new or augmenting current controls, implementing new solutions and retiring less effective tactics.

SQ-IS is managing a highly tailored program with subject matter focus and domain expertise. SQ is focused on the IS program’s requirements, not specific InfoSec product. We bring industry experience to partner for the betterment of a successful IS program solution.

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