Cybersecurity Assessment Profile

The barrier of attacks that used to only include the financial sector no longer exists in today’s threat landscape. Any company or individual possessing or transmitting sensitive or classified data is a target. The SQ Risk Cybersecurity Assessment Profile (“CAP”) is a multi-point, cyber risk assessment performed on individuals or company public footprints to identify cyber threat indicators. The results of the assessment enable the affected parties to act and mitigate risks, strengthening their cybersecurity posture. These assessments include a review and report on the following:

  • Compromised Account Credentials
  • Website Security Encryption
  • Data Breach Association
  • IP and Domain Integrity Checks
  • Email Security / Encryption

SQ-Risk offers this cost-effective assessment to bring value and awareness to the cybersecurity profile. The CSAP can be an ad-hoc engagement or recurring service.