Welcome to SQ Risk

SQ Risk Management Solutions LLC “SQ Risk” is your strategic partner, providing risk management and information security services customized for the needs of small and medium sized business.

SQ Risk managed programs

SQ Risk managed programs better utilize customer’s in-house resources by supplementing third party subject matter expertise to focus on the health and well being of the overall program. SQ Risk managed programs can be compared to a fractional or full-time dedicated employee without the employee overhead.

Utilizing a RACI model, SQ Risk managed programs allows the Accountable party “SQ Risk Customers” to stay Contributing and Informed but, assign outward the Responsibilities of subject matter expertise, program management, documentation, and administration.

SQ Business Continuity Program

The SQ Business Continuity Program (“SQ-BCP”) includes required components of business continuity, tailored specifically to the needs of our customer.

SQ Third Party Risk Management

The SQ Third-Party Risk Management (“SQ-TPRM”) includes custom third-party management and assessing activities based on the level of associated risk for each of the identified vendor relationships.

SQ Enterprise Risk Management

The SQ Enterprise Risk Management (SQ-ERM) includes management of overall company risk aligned with identified risk categories specific to your business and industry.

SQ Information Security

The SQ Information Security (“SQ-IS”) program includes managed information security practices customized to the threat model developed for your company.

SQ Risk does not want to be all things for all companies; SQ’s founding principle is to be the right risk management partner to meet the needs of a select few companies.