December 20, 2022
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SQ Risk Management Solutions “SQ Risk” is a provider of competitive and customized risk management solutions and managed program services.

The core of SQ Risk is to provide customized risk management program solutions scaled to the individual needs of your business. A strategic partnership with SQ Risk “Managed Programs” enhances the alignment of your core business resources with SQ Risk subject matter experts to better position your risk management efforts. SQ Risk refers to its custom Managed Programs as “Risk Management as a Service” (RMaaS).

SQ Risk “Advisory Services” are individual engagements specific to the discovery and assessment needs of the customer. The Advisory Service engagement can act as a starting point for the development of a new program, augment a specific project subject matter expertise, or provide guidance to continue a company’s program in line with an industry maturity model. Even the most established programs could use an external review to identify areas of opportunity, continuing enhancement, and evolving practices to meet the current and future threat landscape.

The SQ Risk “Cyber Security Services” rounds out the SQ Risk service offering by focusing on assessing, monitoring, and mitigation management customized and scaled to the needs of your company. There is no One Size Fits All solutions to meet the changing threat landscape and the unique exposures that are associated with your business. SQ Risk works with you to design the solutions that makes sense to protect your business.

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